Office.Com/Setup - Enter Office Setup Product Key

The product key code is an alphanumeric 25 digit that requires to be entered in the space boxes. This is done when you are installing the on the device. You can follow these steps given below to activate the product on the device.
  • Start by typing in the browser you are using after that click on the button of activate now. After this, you can select the option that states I need to activate the product. Further click on the tab named next that appears on the monitor display.
  • When you are done with these steps, you will be forwarded to the page related to activation of office program. Here you can input the alphanumeric code of 25 digits in the spaces of the boxes. Further this you can click on the tab of activate and your office product will be validated.

How to Download Office Setup?

  • Start by navigating to the official page of, after that sign in to your account associated with Microsoft. In case you do not own an account, you can always create a new one using the email Id of Gmail or any other provider.
  • After this, you can select the product of office application that you want to install on your device. When chosen, you can click on the tab of install. You will need to see whether the version you have chosen is compatible with your device or not.
  • Once done with the steps given above you can go ahead and choose the language settings and country, further this you can click on the button of I agree. The download of office program will be initiated, and it will take a few minutes to complete based on the network speed.

How to Install Office Setup?

  • Navigate to the control panel and then click on the downloaded file, i.e. the setup twice. This will initiate the installation of the program on your device you can agree to the licenses and agreements and then install it.
  • If you are prompted to choose a location, you can do so or let it be the default folder where the program needs to be installed. Follow the guidelines that appear on your screen and click on this finish tab. After this, you can launch the product.

Installing Via CD

  • If you purchased the software in a retail store, then you can unpack the package and insert the CD by opening the disc holder. In some minutes, you will see the option of run to install the software on your system.
  • You can go through the agreements and agree to  them by clicking on I agree tab. Follow the rest of the instructions that appear on the monitor and then complete the procedure of installation.

How to Activate Office Setup?

To activate the copy of your program, you will require entering the alphanumeric code that is of 25 digits in the boxes. If you can’t locate the product key code then you can check the code in your email, you can also check the package if you bought the program from the retail store. You can follow the steps below for activating the product.

  • Proceed with inputting the 25 digit alphanumeric code in the boxes given on your screen; you can complete the procedure related to activation of by clicking on the submit tab. Further, you can click on the finish button.
  • After this, you can check the office product if it has been activated successfully or not. If you do not see the changes, you can reboot the system and check again for successful activation status.

How to Renew your Office 365 Subscription?

It is simple to renew the related subscriptions in easy steps given below.

  • Start by opening the page of and then choose the subscription that requires to be upgraded. After this, you can make the payment needed by utilizing the onetime payment facility.
  • You can choose the plans of payment after choosing the product; further, you can choose the option of renew the subscription to finalize.

Errors Related To Office.Com/Setup

  • Problems related to the wrong ID or forgotten password.
  • The program crashes without warning.
  • The applications are unable to run sometimes when opened.
  • The screen starts to flash at the time of login
  • The personal folders are not showing up in Microsoft outlook
  • The office product doesn’t allow commercial usage.

Various Editions of the Office Setup

Microsoft office 2010 version

The 2010 edition has some of the advanced features that are missing in the earlier versions of the package. The functions of backstage viewing and enhanced ribbon are impressive. It supports many file formats.

Microsoft Office 2013 Version

The 2013 edition started to incorporate the facility of cloud; this version had a much more enhanced ribbon interface. The starting screen was remodeled as well.

Office 2016

The 2016 edition is one of the latest versions that come in variants such as home and student. This edition also offers the business version along with the professional and standard. There is also a professional plus choice for the users.

Office 2019

The 2019 version is the most up to date releases from Microsoft it has all the newest updates and features you can find in the office packages. The business edition has been worked for significant improvement in the performance.

Office 365

This edition comes with hosted features and services; you can also get the required collaboration tools along with full security. This edition is the most preferred version in the packages.

Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2019

Both of these editions are the newest options to choose from. Users often have confusion whether the 365 is best for them or the 2019 edition. There are some significant polarities in these two packages.

Difference in Cost

  • The 365 version costs around a 100 US dollars for a yea, this includes the applications of excel and word along with outlook and PowerPoint. For using this you can pay monthly or annually, it can be used by a total of 6 users on the devices.
  • The 2019 edition costs  about 150 US dollars; it is a lifetime fee charged by Microsoft. This includes applications such as Excel and PowerPoint and word. The 2019 edition asks for a onetime payment and can only be used in a single system whether it is Windows or Mac.

Updates and Features Based Differences

  • In the 365 edition, you can get the newest features along with the updates related to security. What’s more, is that one can also get 1 TB storage on one drive storage based on the cloud.
  • In the 2019 edition, you can get access to well-known apps with some updates for security. This version is limited to the operating system of Mac and windows. There is no other storage facility like in the 365 edition. You can get technical support only for installation purposes.

The Opinion of Professionals

These editions have their pros and cons; it depends on the requirement of the user. What they are looking for can be verified with the features available in these two packages.

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