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  • Visit The Official Website

  • Log In To Your Account

  • Inputting The Product Key

  • Downloading The Office.Com/Setup

  • Running The Installation

  • Running The Applications

We are not associated with microsoft by any means this is just a website to help you in the installation and download of office program.

Use office at any place
The can be access at any place or time, you can increase your productivity with the best and most competent task computing software package.

Get it on your smartphone device
If you are often using your smartphone device for most tasks then you wont be disappointed with office editions for your device. You will not require to wait for a system or a laptop. You can run the program on your device easily.

Fixing the issues related to errors and functinality
There is substantial support avialable for the errors you face while operting the package. If your are having a hard time inputting the product key then you can refer to the package for the instructions or visit for further help.

Why should you choose office?
Microsoft ofice is the best suite as far as producitvity is concerned. You can achieve a lot wit the vriety of applications available in the package. Moreoever countless users benefit from its usage on a regular basis whether personal or professional.

With the help of reliable cloud access Microsoft has ensured the availability of the data by providing access to the information at any given time or place. Thanks to the error report system, it is easier to report the bugs and crashes that occur while using the, you can easily report them to Microsoft in exchange for a flawless service that Microsoft always strives for. You can always look at the plans and analyze the best one that suits your preferences.

Microsoft offers the newest packages that facilitate improved features and enhanced workarounds; these new provisions can maximize your work output and ultimately increase productivity. The innovation and constant release of new editions with greater efficiency have put Microsoft in the driver’s seat as usual when it comes to terrific computing software.

Microsoft office is at its best when used for computing tasks and completeing them at a brisk pace. The numerous features have received wide recognition from the users including five star ratings that has given office 2019 and 365 versions the top spot in the producitivty suites avavailable online and in the market. You can visit for getting the details related to the subscriptions you are interested in. further which yo can click on it and buy to use it on your system.

It started with
First it wa sonly excel that microsoft came out with once it started to gian more expsorue in 90s, it became an instant hit, it was one of the best apps in those times.

The success that followed
After the recognition that excel rcieved microsot started to make programs and applications which included the powerpoint as well ass word packages.

The complete package now
Today the package is the full version of what office can offer you in terms of applications and productivity. You can create documents and mail them along with presentations and analytical reports.

How To Get Started With Office.Com/Setup Download And Installation for Office 365 and office 2019?

This is a do it yourself step by step guide that gives you the insights related to downloading the from the web and installing it into your system. You will require to verify the purchase of your copy to validate it. Once you redeem the product key, you can con continue to use the product on your system indefinitely. These are some of the steps you can follow to start with the procedure.

Step 1

You can proceed to the email login page using your browser. You will require checking for the email that contains the receipt for the product key related. Once you are done with this, you can navigate to the site of

Step 2

Now you can go ahead and log in to the account associated with Microsoft it can be your account of outlook or other account with which you had registered for the services of Microsoft earlier. In case you do not have an account, then you will require creating a new account further which you can proceed to enter the product key.

Step 3

  • Once you are done with the previous steps, you will be forwarded to a page where you will see the button of install appear on your screen. You can click on this tab, and the file of will be downloaded to your system.
  • This will take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection. If you own broadband with high speed, the download will finish much faster.
  • Once it is done, you can navigate to the folder of downloads which is usually the directory of downloaded files to access the file. You can double click on the setup file to initiate the installation procedure.
  • You will see a window appear on your screen, which will be the installation wizard. You can choose the option of run and also select the location of the folder where you want the product to be installed. After this, you can follow the onscreen prompts and click on continue to finish the process of installation.

Microsoft office is a property of Microsoft and we are not having any affiliations with Microsoft or its products.


  1. Visit The Official Website Office.Com/Setup
    You can start by opening your browser and then visiting the official website or This website can help you in downloading the preferred and also guide you with instructions for completing the process of installation.
  2. Log In To Your Account
    You can go ahead and log in to the account associated with Microsoft once you have navigated to the website successfully. In case your account with Microsoft doesn’t exist, you can always create a new one. This can be done by clicking on the tab that says don’t have account? Create which will direct you to a page for signing up for a Microsoft account.
  3. Inputting The Product Key
    • Once you have logged into the account of Microsoft, you can go further by inputting the 25 digit activation code for; this is the alphanumeric code which is the product key. This key is essential for entering in the space box, to continue with the process further.
    • When you are done with these steps, you can choose the country from the list of countries and also the preferred language. These options are available from the drop-down menu.
  4. Downloading The Office.Com/Setup
    • After successfully entering the product key code, you will see that your product has been accept and verified. This means your product can now be downloaded as you have verified the purchase of your copy.
    • For downloading the package of after the verification, you will be directed to the page of download. Here you can go through the subscriptions which will have the features listed alongside. You can decide which package suits you best.
    • Once you have made the decision, you can click on the subscription you want to buy and then click on the tab of install that appears next to the subscription information. You will
      see that this initiates the process of download for your file.
  5. Running The Installation
    • When your file has been downloaded, you can check the downloaded folder which contains the file. You will require double-clicking on the setup to start the procedure of installation on your system.
    • You will need to ensure you have enough available space n the drive that you will choose to install the Once you double click on the setup file the installation wizard will pop up on the screen of your monitor display.
    • Further, you can follow the onscreen prompts that appear; you will need to choose the location of the installation, i.e. the folder. Once the folder is chosen, you can click on the continue tab and complete the installation.
  6. Running The Applications
    • Once the installation completes, you will be all set to go; after this, you can click on the Finish tab and open any application from the office suite.
    • Once you launch the product, you will see an activation window that appears on the screen asking you to activate your product you can enter the 25 digit code related to and complete the activation process by clicking on submit tab.


The office product key is an alphanumeric code of 25 digits. It is required to validate your copy of purchase. Whenever you buy the subscription of Microsoft office setup, you will be getting this code to enter in the space box. You will be able to activate the copy of office program and be able to use it when the trial period ends.

You have purchased th copy of office from a retail store then you can see the office product key at the backside of the package. In some packages, you will need to scratch it. You can also check the email if you purchased it online. You will need to login to your Microsoft account to verify the email you received.

You will require the 25 digit alphanumeric code to download the office setup once you have that you navigate to the official website and log in to your account. Further this you can download the office program by clicking on the tab of download available. you can also see the features available with the subscription of your choosing.

You will require ensuring that your web browser doesn’t have the pop-up blocker enabled at the time of the download. You can also check the settings of proxy if you are having issues related to the setup download. Make sure you internet connection is secure and well connected. After these, you can try again downloading the setup file.

Installing the office program, you will require navigating to the download folder and double-clicking on the setup file. This will initiate the download file procedure. You can follow the on-screen directions to install the office program successfully. If you are facing issues related to installation you can try restarting the machine after the installation has completed.

The product is installed on your system; you can launch any application. Once it opens, you can follow the onscreen instructions for activating the product on your computer. This will involve entering the product key code to continue using the software once the trial period related to the software expires. you can find the product key in email or at the backend of the software package.

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